Donald Trump never specified to which era he was proposing we return whilst campaigning on his nauseating but-goddamn-its-catchy slogan “Make America Great Again.” But with the success of 90s-era reboots like Will and Grace and Roseanne, which premiered last week to 18 million viewers after nearly 20 years off the air, the answer seems unequivocally clear.

“Isn’t it ironic that Donald Trump campaigned on #MAGA, and then as soon as he’s elected, the entire electorate immediately goes, ‘no dammit! We meant the 1990s!” speculated Bros for America c0-founder and editor-in-chief Alex Mohajer on this week’s podcast episode.

“And who was the president in the 1990s?” asked co-host Rance Collins, pointedly.

Hillary Clinton was,” responded Mohajer, even more pointedly.

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The sitcom’s latest iteration, though, uses the Trump/Clinton divide in the most recent presidential election as the premise and launching point for its story.  Panelists Daniel Fusselman and Thomas McAbee weighed in heavily on the show’s star, Roseanne Barr, and her noted anti-Clinton stances both on the show and in real life as being problematic given the alternative.

The post-“election” national nostalgia – hysteria?- was just the tip of the iceberg for the Bros, who had many more topics to flesh out and discuss during this week’s Hot Topics segment, including Laura Ingraham, the unceremonious firing of VA Secretary David Schulkin, and more.

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The Bros for America podcast is executive produced and moderated by Alex Mohajer with co-hosts Daniel Fusselman, Thomas McAbee, and Rance Collins. The theme song is Spectaculous by Chris Prythm courtesy of Ill-It Records. The Bros for America podcast is created using Audacity and Blubrry for the best podcast hosting and stats on the market.

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