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Who is the Real Hillary Clinton? Featuring Guests Colin and Betsy Ebeling

Nelson Melegrito



Who is the Real Hillary Clinton

Our third episode of The BrosCast Live streamed right from Hillary for America!

Hosts Alex Mohajer, Political Director, and Rance Collins, co-founder, were joined by special guests Colin Ebeling and his mom, Hillary’s BFF Betsy! Watch it all go down now!

BrosCast Live! With your cohosts Alex Mohajer and Rance Collins of Bros4Hillary, featuring Special Guest Colin Ebeling! And surprise phone appearance by Colin's mom and Hillary's BFF, Betsy! presents The BrosCast Live Stream Event starring your co-hosts Alex Mohajer (@alexmohajer) and Rance Collins (@rancecollins)!On today's live stream event we will talk about the latest news, wish Hillary Clinton a happy early birthday, plug the Official Bros4Hillary Call Team ( and announce Bros4Hillary's “Super Call Tuesday” campaign! We will be joined during the broadcast with our special guest Colin Ebeling and via telephone, Betsy Ebeling, long time friends of Hillary Clinton’s who have been featured in countless media stories and campaign ads this season.Immediately following, members can participate in the “Super Call Tuesday” event at Hillary for America’s Official Bros4Hillary Call Team.When Live Broadcast will take place Tuesday October 25, 2016 at 4:30pm PT, followed immediately by the “Super Call Tuesday” event from 5:00pm – 9:00pm PT.Since February, Bros4Hillary has amassed 30,000 members and followers across various social media platforms and across the entire United States with the goal of electing Hillary Clinton. The first BrosCast Live Stream received thousands of views in real time, and was so successful that Hillary for America shared it live from their social media.

Posted by Alex Mohajer on Tuesday, October 25, 2016

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Nelson Melegrito is the original Founder of Bros4Hillary, from which Bros4America was born. He sits on the Executive Board of Bros4America. He is a non-profit professional who founded his own company, DIVA, dedicated to diversity in artistry and casting. Melegrito is a proud leader in the Filipino-American community and currently works in social media.

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