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The President Is A Shithole From Which Only Oprah Can Save Us

On this episode of the Bros 4 America Podcast, the Bros discuss Donald Trump’s offensive use of the term “shitholes” to describe Haiti and Africa, as well as Oprah Winfrey’s presidential aspirations before picking their ‘Shithole of the Week’ Award.



The President Is A Shithole

This is a message from the emergency broadcast system: Donald Trump, the man who calls himself President is a Shithole…from which only Oprah Winfrey can save us on this week’s all-new episode of the Bros4America podcast. Join in on the fun at Subscribe to the Bros4America Podcast to hear the Bros pick their “Shithole of the Week Award.”

On this episode, moderator Alex Mohajer and co-hosts Daniel Fusselman and Thomas McAbee discuss  Donald Trump’s horrendous racially charged comment last week in which he is alleged to have asked why immigrants to America must come from Africa and Haiti, which he referred to as “shitholes.”

The media frenzy was almost as batshit crazy as the online speculation this week about whether or not Oprah Winfrey would run for president, or when alt-right conservative columnist Ben Shapiro made Alex the target of yet another alt-right hit job this week for a tweet that was based on a rather good Huffington Post editorial (please note: we are biased).

The Bros 4 America Podcast is executive produced by Alex Mohajer, for which he serves as co-host along with Thomas McAbee, Daniel Fusselman, with an occasional Barbara Walters-esque appearance by Rance Collins (if and when we should be so lucky). The theme music is “It’s Always Too Late to Start” by Chris Zabriskie, and is created using Audacity and powered by BluBerry. As always special thanks to Nelson Melegrito, Founder of Bros4Hillary, and Hillary Clinton, whose blessing gave us the fortitude to move forward.

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