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Media narratives about the Democrats being a party in peril have dominated. But the party that won 3 million more votes in 2016 and has flipped 43 legislative seats in the interim is doing just fine.
Congresswoman Maxine Waters sits down for an exclusive interview discussing her thoughts on the future of the Democratic Party, how she feels about the nickname "Auntie Maxine," her role in the early days of the women's movement and it's recent resurgence, and reflecting on how "reclaiming my time" made her an icon. Plus, the Bros are joined by Democratic Political Strategist Jake Lewis to discuss current events and the races to watch in the upcoming midterm elections.
The Bros4America podcast is back discussing the mass school shooting that transpired at Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, Texas leaving 10 people dead. Also, the Bros pick their Real Housewives taglines and don't miss a particularly ornery #ShitholeOfTheWeek.
Happy Mother's Day! This week, the Bros celebrate in true fashion: with sexy underwear and a healthy dose of politics! From Donald Trump's decision to end the Iran Nuclear Deal, to Gina Haspel's nomination for CIA Director, and of course, the #ShitholeoftheWeek.
Jess Phoenix may not be Pierce Brosnan, but she doesn't mind the comparison. The vulcanologist is running for Congress in CA-25 as a Democrat and is seeking to unseat Republican incumbent Steve Knight using science as her primary weapon.
The Bros for America are joined by guest panelist Ari Anderson (creator of Millennials Don't Suck podcast) and special guest Jean Templin, co-founder of Purple Patriot, to discuss the week's hot topics. including the White House Correspondents' Dinner, and their #ShitholeoftheWeek nominees!
The Bros for America podcast is back discussing the week's hottest topics, including the Barbara Bush funeral and whether or not Melania was being held hostage against her will, recent developments in the Trump/Russia saga involving Sean Hannity and Michael Cohen, and of course, who is YOUR #shitholeoftheweek?
Move over, Robert Mueller. Stormy Daniels is here, and she's ready to take down an American president.
"We are begging the president not to fire the special counsel. Don't create a constitutional crisis."
"If I Can't See A President Hillary Clinton, I'm Going to See a President Nancy Pelosi!"