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"If I Can't See A President Hillary Clinton, I'm Going to See a President Nancy Pelosi!"
RANTT Media Founder Ahmed Baba joins Bros for America co-hosts Alex Mohajer and Dan Fusselman as a guest panelist for a lively discussion of all the week's hot topics, including Kim Jung Un, Trump's tariffs, Trump/Russia, and much more, including 'Shithole of the Week.'
The Bros for America interview congressional candidate Dr. Jason Westin who is running for Congress in the 7th Congressional District of Texas, and Pulse Night Club survivor and LGBTQIA/Gun Reform activist Brandon Wolf, as well as discuss the week's news and hot topics with regular panelists Alex Mohajer, Daniel Fusselman, and Thomas McAbee.
On this episode of the Bros 4 America Podcast, the panel welcomes special guests Chrissy Watson and Philip Germain, student organizers of the March for our Lives Los Angeles rally happening on March 24, 2018. Like many students across America, they are responding to the #NeverAgain movement, lead by the grief-stricken high school students of Douglas High School who suffered a tragic mass shooting last week in Parkland, Florida.
Happy President's Day, y'all! This week was a doozy. But it wasn't just Donald Trump's no good, very bad week. (Though to be sure, it was the worst week in America since Donald Trump's inauguration.) It was ours. The Bros for America...
For two years, Alex Mohajer, Thomas McAbee, Daniel Fusselman, and Rance Collins campaigned for Hillary Clinton as Bros4Hillary. They made an waves. They got to meet Hillary. It sparked a career in political journalism for some of them. But we were bound together by one truth: they were progressives. They were dudes. They were millennials. And they represented an otherwise totally ignored segment of the electorate.
24-year-old Democrat Spencer Bounds is running for the Texas House of Representatives in the 82nd district, seeking to unseat 50-year incumbent Republican Tom Craddick and to flip Texas blue.
This week's all-new episode of the Bros for America podcast touches on #ReleasetheMemo, the inside scoop on Hillary Clinton's 'activist bitches supporting bitches' viral video, and Donald Trump's lackluster State of the Union Address.
On an all new episode of The Bros 4 America Podcast, co-hosts Thomas McAbee and Alex Mohajer discuss politics, current events, and take snapshots across the Country as we navigate through the quagmire that is Trump. This week: DACA, Dreamers, Robert Mueller's investigation, Russia.
On the one year anniversary of Trump's inauguration, Women's March 2.0 rocked the nation and indeed the world, while the federal government shut down its doors despite Republican control of the entire government and because of Republican failure to close a budget deal.