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Happy Pride! Join Nationwide Marches to Support Our LGBTQIA Family

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Happy Pride!


June is Pride Month, and this year is a particularly poignant year to be LGBT or an ally. With the Supreme Court’s Obergefell ruling having come down the pipeline merely four years ago, there was still a lot of work to be done when Donald Trump entered the White House.

This weekend,  instead of their usual parade down Santa Monica Boulevard, Pride organizers across the nation have decided to stage a massive protest against the Trump Administration.


Pride Month! Resist and March with Bros4America

Saturday June 10, 2017 – Sunday June 10 2017

Sunday June 11, 2017


Sunday June 11, 2017

Celebrity artists, activists and organizers join the grassroots movement, including Sara Ramirez, Jason Collins, and Asia Kate DillonOn Sunday, a grassroots movement to center the most marginalized in the LGBTQ+ communities will hold the Equality March for Unity and Pride. Along with a rally on the National Mall, the march will gather a diverse group of LGBTQ+ individuals that will create a platform from which to demand liberation and justice for LGBTQ+ communities and center the historically marginalized. The march will wind through downtown Washington, D.C. and culminate in a rally where artists, organizers, and activists will speak on issues from racial justice and liberation for transgender individuals to youth empowerment and reproductive justice.


Sunday June 11, 2017


Alex Mohajer is a lifelong activist, organizer, and political writer.