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Every #Resist Event Happening Nationwide During Congressional Recess April 8-23



This morning, Neil Gorsuch was sworn in to the Supreme Court for a lifetime appointment made by an illegitimate president is under criminal investigation by the FBI for possible collusion with the Russian to coordinate acts of cyber warfare that influenced his election. And, regardless of potential wrongdoing in this election scheme, the appointment was made with no proper hearing or vote given to Merrick Garland, the nominee of Barack Obama for said position, as was his constitutional duty and right.

Democrats successfully built the coalition necessary to prevent the 60 vote threshold necessary to confirm a Supreme Court justice. So what did Republicans do? They used their simple majority to change parliamentary rules and require only 51 votes to confirm a nominee for Supreme Court.

Three Democrats helped Republicans in this miscarriage of justice. Members of Congress managed to slip in his confirmation right before their Congressional “spring break” from April 8 – April 23.

f this angers you, join the resistance. There are events happening nationwide during the Congress’ break in their home districts. Look up your home district and all the events happening near by at:

Recess Resistance has an amazing, easy-to-use tool to look up your local resistance events. AND if you’re in Kansas, make sure to make it out for your special election tomorrow. Democrat James Thompson is running for Congress in the home district of the Koch Brothers and a victory for him tomorrow would be a huge step in the right direction for Democrats but more importantly, would be a rejection of Trump’s anti-American policies.


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