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Dynamic Comedy Duo Frangela on Using Comedy as a Tool for Resistance

Comediennes and political commentators Frances Callier and Angela V. Shelton make up the comedy duo “Frangela” and join The Resist Report podcast to discuss how they’ve taken the #resistance movement by storm!

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Angela V Shelton and Francis Callier of Frangela.

Frances Callier and Angela V. Shelton are brilliant.

The comedy duo, more commonly known as ‘Frangela,’ have been leaders of the resistance movement since the day Donald Trump was elected. With a comedy album titled “Resist”, a massively popular podcast called “The Final Word,” an enormous Twitter following, and a television show called “Me Time with Frangela” appearing in 44 markets across the United States, these girls are on fire.

In an exclusive interview with Alex Mohajer and The Resist Report, Callier and Shelton (fraternal twin sisters) discuss what its like to women of color with such a major platform at a time when race and politics have become so divisive, and how comedy can be used as a subversive tool of critiquing the status quo. Tune in to hear their picks for the Democratic 2020 nominee for President, and hear about where they were on Election Night 2016.

Later in the episode, the co-hosts Mohajer, Rance Collins, Thomas McAbee, and Daniel Fusselman are back for another round of hot topics, and pick their #ShitholeoftheWeek.

The nominees this week for Shithole of the Week are:
<li>Judge T.S. Elliot, the judge in the Paul Manafort trial (nominated by Thomas Mcabee).</li>
<li>People who don’t listen to or believe victims (nominated by Rance Collins).</li>
<li>Journalist David Sirota for his anti-Democrat hit pieces (nominated by Daniel Fusselman).</li>
Who is your shithole of the week? Leave us a comment below! Or subscribe on Apple Podcasts and leave us a review!

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