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Doctor’s Orders: Dr. Dena Grayson Rings The Alarm On Trump/Russia

Dr. Dena Grayson is the special guest on this week’s panel and discussed all things Trump/Russia, the now-infamous pee-tape, and her marriage to Congressman Alan Grayson.

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“The Russian meddling in our elections continues today unabated,” said Dr. Dena Grayson in an exclusive interview for the Bros4America podcast. The alarming takeaway was just one of many in her near hour-long conversation with moderator Alex Mohajer and co-hosts Daniel Fusselman and Thomas McAbee.  The second biggest takeaway? Dr. Grayson is a firebrand.

Since November 2016, the medical doctor, researcher and former congressional candidate out of Florida’s 9th congressional district has emerged as one of the leading voices in the fight to expose Trump/Russia to the American electorate. Some may know her from her blossoming Twitter account, where she savagely trolls Donald Trump on a near daily basis, or her new YouTube show, though Grayson is already well-known in the political circles.

She spilled the details on her rise in politics, told stories about Nancy Pelosi, explained what its like being married to former Congressman Alan Grayson (who is running for re-election in FL-9), and gave her signature tell-all take on Trump/Russia, including whether or not there is any truth to rumors of the now-infamous pee-tape. (Spoiler Alert: “It’s much worse,” Grayson revealed.)

Despite her connectedness, Grayson floats far from the establishment line, and is marching to the beat of her own drum. Her fierce independence is immediately evident in her immense command over the facts and her unabashed advocacy of her progressive positions on issues. She even wears the term “flaming liberal” as a metaphoric badge of honor (we second that). She’s making her own mark on the political world, right here, right now.

It makes sense, then, that she credits her start in politics to her time as a fellow for the Aspen Institute, under the tutelage of Kathleen Kennedy (the daughter of the late-great Robert Kennedy) and not her marriage to Rep. Grayson, who is seeking to retake the seat he held from 2009-2011, and who infamously scolded Republicans from the House floor for their health care “plan.” (Editor’s Note: Dr. Grayson and I share in a hilarious impression of the moment at the outset of the episode, chuckling through the now-infamous charge of “don’t get sick. If you do get sick, die quickly! -AM)

But if Dr. Grayson could impart one prescription to listeners and Congress alike, it’s to start getting serious about Russian meddling in our elections yesterday, which she discussed extensively during the broadcast. The president, who she describes as being a participant to conspiracy, is not going to do it for us. So we must take it upon ourselves to ensure the opposition is given a fool-proof majority in this November’s mid-term elections.

Don’t have to tell us twice. Just following Doctor’s orders.

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