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Bro of the Week: Susan

Nelson Melegrito



susanfieldCongratulations to Susan Fields, this week’s Bro of The Week! To hear her personal story and her support for Hillary is a study in strength against insurmountable adversity. The daughter of a career Air Force Sergeant who died at an early age of 49 from an exposure to Agent Orange during the 3 tours of duty in Vietnam, and a mother with multiple sclerosis, Susan has lived in 3 different countries and 11 different states in her lifetime.

She is a disabled mother of 2 adult biracial sons, one disabled and one is in the Navy. Married for 32 years to her African American husband, the couple has taken 12 foster children and has coached youth games as well as serving their local Parks and Recreation board.

Just like Hillary, it was her Methodist faith that kept her grounded and tackle those challenges head on- by doing as much good work for as many and as long as you can.

In 2008, she has supported President Obama not because Hillary was not qualified but because she felt that a person of color could achieve whatever he can as long as he put his mind into it and passed that vision of hope to her sons. She has hoped Hillary would run again.

It was during Hillary’s endorsement and campaigning for President Obama that defined her support of Her and upon self-reflection, she decided to never let go. From her tenure as Secretary of State to her 11-hour Benghazi testimony, Susan saw a relentless warrior and began donating to her presidential campaign. Despite her small monthly donations because of her disability, she has managed to max out to the primary and has directed her donations to DNC, DSCC and Victory Fund!

Her disability never wavered her support to volunteer and she started calling at home in every state, becoming active on social media and discovered Bros4Hillary in the process. She has family in Arizona and did canvassing in both states as well. Later, she also hooked up with the San Diego campaign office and volunteered to be the office phone bank coordinator for GOTV efforts as well as phone banking and canvassing and collecting voter information during Bill Clinton’s visit in the city.

Susan’s efforts paid off as she is now hired as a part-time fellow for the general election campaign! She will be walking with the San Diego Pride carrying the Hillary suffragettes’ banner she has created and working the booth to sign up volunteers and registering voters.

When asked why she is supporting Hillary, she said,

“Hillary Clinton is the single most qualified, most experienced candidate to run for president in my life. I am honored to work in any small way to make sure America gets the best President possible Hillary Clinton. There is no such thing as too small of a help. Talk to your friends, use social media, make calls, canvas, march, and donate, this election is too important to leave to chance. We all have to do everything possible to make sure Hillary wins!”

Thank you Susan for all the amazing work you have and will do for Hillary!

Nelson Melegrito is the original Founder of Bros4Hillary, from which Bros4America was born. He sits on the Executive Board of Bros4America. He is a non-profit professional who founded his own company, DIVA, dedicated to diversity in artistry and casting. Melegrito is a proud leader in the Filipino-American community and currently works in social media.

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