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Bro of the Week: John

Alex Mohajer



CONGRATULATIONS, JOHN WEST! You are this week’s Bro of the Week!

John is a remarkable Hillary Clinton supporter hailing from Chicago, Illinois. He is a rare “Super Volunteer” that deserves a heap load of love and respect for his amazing, super-human efforts in getting Secretary Clinton elected President of the United States.

Having traveled to 12 states in his off-time from running his landscape business, John spends between 20 and 40 hours a WEEK making phone calls, doing social media outreach, conducting training, canvassing, tabling and running booths, organizing, and taking calls and e-mails from all 50 states! Not to mention his efforts creating flyers, print-outs, fundraisers, and promotions.

We asked John about what drives him to work so hard for the future President. He had this to say.

My support for Hillary is molecular. I’ve never met anyone endowed with a greater capacity to make change for the better than Hillary. I trust her to never quit, I trust her to listen to all perspectives and seek out the best information before acting. I trust her to be straightforward about what it is she can do and what can be done and what I can expect from her administration. I trust her with Obama’s legacy. I trust her to defeat the GOP in November – up and down ticket. I trust her with future Supreme Court justice appointments. I trust her to never stop fighting for social justice and to level the playing field so everyone has an equal opportunity to live up to his or her fullest potential. I trust her to do all the good she can, for as many people as she can, for as long as she can.

Thank you for all that you do, John. For all your efforts, we honor you as Bro of the Week and can’t wait to see what the rest of this campaign has in store!

Named one of OUT Magazine's 100 Most Eligible Bachelors of 2017, Alex Mohajer is a controversial up-and-coming political writer and commentator whose unapologetic post-election commentary made him one of the most shared contributors at The Huffington Post. He is the first journalist in America to openly impugn the presidency of Donald Trump in a major publication. Mohajer is the Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Bros4America (formerly Bros4Hillary), a progressive advocacy organization that gained national recognition during the 2016 presidential election for its efforts to elect Hillary Clinton. Named by LGBTQ Nation to their Top 8 People Working to Elect Hillary Clinton. Alex holds a Bachelor of Arts from U.C. Berkeley where he studied politics with progressive champion Robert Reich, and a Juris Doctorate from Chapman University School of Law, where he studied constitutional law with conservative hero Hugh Hewitt. While in law school, he was awarded "Most Likely To Be Held in Contempt" by his graduating class. He has been interviewed for or featured on The Fox News Channel, PolitiFact, The Huffington Post, Washington Post, LA and NY Times, AfterBuzz TV, OUT and Instinct Magazine(s), Dan Savage Blog, TheWrap, Yahoo News, New York Public Radio, The David Pakman Show, The Ann Walker Show, the Hugh Hewitt Show, and more. Alex is an author, public/motivational speaker, and an award-winning singer, actor, and solo artist who was nominated for a 2016 Broadway World Award for Best Male Cabaret Artist. Alex lives in Los Angeles with his dog, Bruce Wayne. Press inquiries and bookings:

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