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Political Commentator Alex Mohajer: U.S. ‘Approaching a Constitutional Crisis’

Priscilla Wagner



Constitutional Crisis! Political Commentator on NY Public Radio discussing his work on The Huffington Post.

In an interview for New York public radio, political commentator and Bros4America co-founder Alex Mohajer called for compromise and coalition-building among Democrats and liberals, warning that Americans are careening towards a ‘constitutional crisis.’ Mohajer appeared on the program to discuss “A Tale of Two Marches,” his piece for the Huffington Post in which he compares the Islamic Revolution in Iran to Donald Trump’s rise to the presidency.

Speaking directly to supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders who may be new to the political process, Mohajer warned that failure to compromise and the application of ideological purity tests would only lead to further fracturing of the left, pointing to the Islamic Revolution in Iran as a prime example of the consequences. Citing recent ground-breaking reports from the Washington Post and other news outlets that place Trump “within range of having actively colluded” with Russia to interfere with the election, Mohajer warned that the United States is careening towards a constitutional crisis.

“[Bernie Sanders supporters] new to the political process must….get acquainted with the realities of government,” Mohajer told City Watch, “or the country will see a further rise in hyper-conservative politicians and policies.” Mohajer claims that the Islamic Revolution succeeded because the fractured left wing of Iran in 1979 was unable to mount the adequate opposition needed to protect against fascism.

The interview with the Bros4America co-founder covers everything from the wrath he has incurred from Bernie Sanders supporters and the alt-right, to how holding a new election in the United States is not technically constitutionally impermissible. His call for a new election or to replace Trump became one of the most shared pieces of 2016 at the Huffington Post.

“Boy, you get attacked by everybody!” joked host Bich Pham.

“I get attacked by everybody,” Mohajer joked before adding, “The Bernie folks hate me. The Trump folks hate me. The alt-right hates me. Breitbart hates me. But I love it.”

Turning to a more serious note, Mohajer urged for coalition building among the left-wing, extending an olive branch of sorts:

“That’s one thing that Republicans have done very well. When the tea party was threatening to fracture the right after Barack Obama was elected in 2008, you saw that even though they had those differences, they voted together, en masse, and they were extremely effective in doing so,” Mohajer said, referencing a notion peddled by Susan Sarandon and the “Never Hillary” crowd: that a backwards step with Trump could lead to potentially boundless progress.

Mohajer says this notion is historically inconsistent with past fascist takeovers like in Iran. “Winning means compromise and coalition building. If we can’t put together a coalition of 51 senators to block Republicans from changing parliamentary rules and ramming through Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, we are in big trouble.”


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