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Who run the world? (Hint: Girls)



whorunWith only one day left and on the eve of likely the biggest election in American history, we wanted to take a moment at Bros4Hillary to be reflective and grateful. And in reflecting on our track record of success, how much we grew and the impact we were able to have, one thing is clear. We might be called Bros4Hillary, but the girls have been our asset.

There is certainly something to be inferred there about gender politics, but either way, we just wanted to give our sincere and heart-felt THANK YOU and acknowledge the women behind Bros4Hillary. We know that this organization wouldn’t be the same without the women behind the scenes who have given us so much help and support. Thank you ladies for being there for us, for helping us get out our message, for creating and sharing memes, for doing research. You’ve been critical to the success of our organization. We’re glad you were willing to join us and lend a hand. You guys are truly awe-inspiring and haven’t always gotten the credit you deserve. We just want you to know from us how much we love and appreciate you.

And after today…you run this motha!

Daniel Fusselman is the Director of Social Media for Bros4Hillary. Alex Mohajer is the Political Director of Bros4Hillary and the Editor-in-Chief of the BrosBlog.


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