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Weekend Recap: Info Sex, Donald Trump Jr., and a Little Abba

On this episode, Bros for America co-hosts Alex Mohajer, Daniel Fusselman, Rance Collins, and Thomas McAbee welcome Info Sec researcher Shawn Eib and deep dive into the week’s biggest headlines.

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info sex INfo Sec weekend update donald trump jr shawn eib
"Can you imagine having a father so self-consumed that he would literally just sell you up the river, right to prison for the rest of your entire life?" Bros for America costar Rance Collins on news that Donald Trump admitted to collusion with Russia on behalf of his son, Donald Trump Jr., who met with Russian operatives for dirt on Hillary Clinton at the now-infamous June 2016 Trump Tower meeting.

Info Sec researcher Shawn Eib joins the panel to discuss Russian hacking efforts, the Bros run down the latest in politics, and nominate their #shitholeoftheweek.

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