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Vote Blue No Matter Who

If we care about saving our country from Trump or the cult of the GOP, then we must coalesce around whomever the Democratic Party nominates, even if we find them unfavorable or problematic.



Vote Blue No Matter
Photo by Sean Keohane / The Equinox

Bros4America is announcing our Vote Blue No Matter Who (#VoteBlueNoMatterWhocampaign. As we approach the general election, we recognize that a broad coalition is needed to defeat Donald Trump in November, and that re-electing the incumbent and the corrupt cult of the GOP poses a dire existential threat to our country and democracy that far outweighs our policy or personal disagreements with any of the Democratic contenders.

Bros4America started as Bros4Hillary, a Hillary Clinton advocacy group in 2016, and many of our long-time members and leadership team saw firsthand how divisiveness in our primary fractured the coalition needed to stop an authoritarian from stealing the presidency. That loss remains deeply painful, and is an injustice that may weigh on us forever.

If we are to learn the lessons from that election, and we care about saving our country from a man who has now become emboldened by his own party’s unwillingness to hold him accountable or reign him in, then we must coalesce around whomever the Democratic Party nominates to challenge him in the general election this November, even if we find them unfavorable or problematic.

And yes, even if we feel the eventual nominee may have contributed to our heartbreak in 2016. Yes, we are looking at you Bernie.

The consequences for failing to build this broad coalition are dire: climate change, the Supreme Court, the federal judiciary, an exploding deficit, draconian immigration policies, economic policies that make the rich richer and the poor poorer, and a student loan crisis that is holding back an entire generation from any semblance of financial freedom are in the balance.

Moreover, as we work to remove this president from the White House, we must reject his toxic and divisive tactics and policies. We cannot become the thing that we are fighting against.

The social media sphere has become increasingly toxic. We understand the fear and frustration that permeates our nation. We feel and understand your pain. But we encourage you to remain civil in your discourse, to keep criticisms of your candidates fair and not personal, and to not destroy the coalition needed to win.

In 2020, commentary that denigrates people of color or women cannot be tolerated, and we must rise up and condemn it whenever we see it. We simply can’t have it. It’s not what we stand for and it’s not who we are. If you disagree with a position, tackle the merits, not the person.

Similarly, misinformation must be tackled aggressively and early. Double check your sources. Process information judiciously. The Russians, much like in 2016, are working feverishly to sow discord and divide us on social media using deep fake videos and divisive, polarizing rhetoric and even misinterpreting or mischaracterizing the candidates’ records. Most recently, the president himself posted a fake, doctored video of Joe Biden seemingly endorsing Trump.

Not today. Not this time.

We will honor and carry forward Hillary’s legacy by fighting for a progressive, inclusive America, and we will remember her call for a “little more love and kindness.” In her concession speech, Secretary Clinton said, “never stop believing that fighting for what’s right is worth it.”

We intend to honor that principle and we look forward to engaging with all of you as this election season unfolds.

Named one of OUT Magazine's 100 Most Eligible Bachelors of 2017, Alex Mohajer is a controversial up-and-coming political writer and commentator whose unapologetic post-election commentary made him one of the most shared contributors at The Huffington Post. He is the first journalist in America to openly impugn the presidency of Donald Trump in a major publication. Mohajer is the Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Bros4America (formerly Bros4Hillary), a progressive advocacy organization that gained national recognition during the 2016 presidential election for its efforts to elect Hillary Clinton. Named by LGBTQ Nation to their Top 8 People Working to Elect Hillary Clinton. Alex holds a Bachelor of Arts from U.C. Berkeley where he studied politics with progressive champion Robert Reich, and a Juris Doctorate from Chapman University School of Law, where he studied constitutional law with conservative hero Hugh Hewitt. While in law school, he was awarded "Most Likely To Be Held in Contempt" by his graduating class. He has been interviewed for or featured on The Fox News Channel, PolitiFact, The Huffington Post, Washington Post, LA and NY Times, AfterBuzz TV, OUT and Instinct Magazine(s), Dan Savage Blog, TheWrap, Yahoo News, New York Public Radio, The David Pakman Show, The Ann Walker Show, the Hugh Hewitt Show, and more. Alex is an author, public/motivational speaker, and an award-winning singer, actor, and solo artist who was nominated for a 2016 Broadway World Award for Best Male Cabaret Artist. Alex lives in Los Angeles with his dog, Bruce Wayne. Press inquiries and bookings: