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Trump Watch | Daily Digest | Day 20

Alex Mohajer



Donald Trump And His Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad 20th Day

Today marks only the twentieth day since Donald Trump was inaugurated. And it was a doozy.

1. In an explosive story published by The Washington Post only hours ago, it has officially been revealed that Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor Michael Flynn held private conversations with a Russian Ambassador in the month directly preceding his assuming office. This would mean that Trump and his administration’s public sentiments about this issue have been express lies. That’s just the beginning of the very dire circumstances.

2. Trump lost his appeal of a federal district court’s decision last week to place a stay on the Muslim Ban from continuing. The 9th Circuit out of San Francisco, CA upheld the district court’s decision, maintaining the stay. A major loss for Mr. Trump, who vows to take this fight to the United States Supreme Court.

3. NYT broke a story today that the leader of China will not accept Donald Trump’s phone calls as a result of his infamous Taiwan phone call in January.

4. Kellyanne Conway broke the law by plugging Ivanka Trump’s Nordstrom fashion line during a press conference. The tacky move violates Ethics Rules.

5. Representative Jason Chaffetz (R-UT, the man who initiated a witch-hunt of sorts against Hillary Clinton on the subject of her e-mails, burned millions of taxpayer dollars on numerous fruitless investigations, and who promised years of further investigations, was met with a displeased hometown constituency while visiting his district in Utah for a local Town Hall earlier this evening. He was booed out of his own event by his own constituents, who came out in the thousands. Why were they so angry? Chaffetz’ insistence that “Mike Pence is, like, the most decent guy ever” and repeated assertions that Donald Trump is not subject to conflict of interest laws. “Do your job! Do your job!” The crowd chanted at Representative Chaffetz.