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Final results: Official Bros4Hillary Call Team ranks in top 10 nationally

Alex Mohajer



The Bros4Hillary leadership team would like thank our tireless Official Bros4Hillary Call Team, who worked so tirelessly especially in the final days of the campaign to help make calls to voters all across the United States using’s Call Tool.  The fact that Bros4Hillary was an official partner of the Hillary for America campaign and had our call team sponsored and featured by, complete with it’s own text campaign and logo was an honor and a privilege.

By the numbers: The Bros4Hillary Call Team amassed 77 members during it’s life. Ladies and Gentleman, Bros4Hillary presents to you the Top 10 All-Time Callers for the Official Bros4Hillary Call Team. Note that Hillary for America only began tallying “all-time calls” in October 2016. Nevertheless, our Top 10 is here.


Note: This tally does not represent calls made by all Bros4Hillary members, but rather members in the Official Bros4Hillary Call Team. Moreover, there were 67 members who made calls who didn’t make the Top 10 board leadership board.

We are also pleased to announce our Official Bros4Hillary Call Team made the All-Time Top 10 against the other competing partner and volunteer organizations competing to make the most calls. Congratulations to all members of our Call Team for making sure we earned a spot on the Top 10!


I know the election did not pan out the way we had all hoped. I want to thank you, Call Team, for your participation and your hard work. You truly were on the front lines and I am so proud to have lead you in this effort and for all you did to make it a reality.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Alex Mohajer is the political director of Bros4Hillary and serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the BrosBlog. You may reach him via twitter here: @alexmohajer


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