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The Road to 2020

Want to get involved? The time is now to volunteer to phonebook, canvass, and get out the vote ahead of the 2020 elections! Here’s how.



The Road to 2020
Now is the time to get involved! Democracy depends on you.

Bros4America is thrilled to announce we have partnered with MobilizeAmerica to help plug our members, followers, and readers into a handful of important campaigns across the United States in advance of the November 2020 elections. If you are looking for opportunities to volunteer, engage, activate, and get out the vote, our new Volunteer page will help you find a home to focus your energy.

We are featuring nationwide events from organizations like Swing Left, Field Team 6, and national and state Democratic parties for crucial swing states like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Michigan. We are funneling supporters to the congressional campaigns of candidates like Christy Smith, who is looking to hold on to the seat vacated by Katie Hill in CA-25 after Democrats flipped in the 2018 midterm elections, and Katie Porter, who was interview for The Resist Report podcast in 2018 and helped turn Orange County, California blue.

Sara Gideon

Maine House Speaker and Democrat Sara Gideon is running to unseat Senator Susan Collins in Maine this November.

We are endorsing Democratic Senate candidates like Sara Gideon in Maine to unseat Susan Collins, Jaime Harrison in South Carolina to unseat Lindsay Graham, Amy McGrath in Kentucky to unseat Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and Mark Kelly in Arizona to defeat Martha McSally.

Whether you are seeking to redress the 2016 presidential election, are concerned about the corruption and recklessness of the Trump Administration, angry about the GOP-controlled Senate which has emboldened the president and failed to hold him accountable, or interested in protecting the House from falling into Republican hands, it is no secret that we are in a battle for the soul of our nation. And while the 2020 presidential election looms large over the next few months, as the Democratic primary field has been whittled down to Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders, it will not be enough to vote for president this November.

In order to effect meaningful change, we will need to take over the United States Senate, maintain control of the United States House of Representatives, and win state legislatures and gubernatorial races across the country. We have seen how an obstinate GOP-controlled Senate, lead by Senator Mitch McConnell, has stonewalled more than 400 pieces of legislation passed by the newly-elected Democratic House.

Enough is enough. And here are races of particular importance to us.

Visit the Bros4America Volunteer page and begin working to make another blue wave happen in 2020. It will continue to update with further opportunities as the campaign season unfolds. Do you work for a campaign a wish to have your candidate appear on our podcast or feature volunteer events on our network? Contact us.

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