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Thanksgiving, Trump Russia, and the GOP Tax Bill

The third episode of the Bros4America podcast is here and hosts Thomas McAbee and Alex Mohajer are collecting themselves from their post-Thanksgiving carb comas to talk the GOP Tax Bill, the Trump Russia investigation, and life after Bros4Hillary.

Alex Mohajer



The Bros4America Podcast On the One Year Anniversary of Election 2016 Trump Tax Scam GOP Tax Bill

“Nancy Pelosi is a fucking legend!”

Thanksgiving weekend is behind us, and the Bros4America have pulled themselves together from their carb-induced comas for this very special episode of the Bros4America podcast.

Hosts Thomas McAbee and Alex Mohajer come together to discuss the Trump/Russia investigation and Mike Flynn’s recent cooperation, the Trump Tax Scam which goes before the United States Senate for a vote this week following its passage in the House, their respective Thanksgiving weekends, and life after campaigning for Hillary Clinton as Bros4Hillary, including their recent invitation to attend the Indivisible Leadership Summit in Phoenix, Arizona.

Don’t miss Alex’s impassioned defense of Nancy Pelosi!

Did you have any dramatic fights or run-ins with Republican family members or Trump supporters at your Thanksgiving tables? Leave us your best stories in the comments!



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