Priscilla Wagner

SMOT Team Leader

SMOT Tecc8lgxezam Leader

Priscilla Wagner holds a Master’s in Public Administration from Portland State University and a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and International Studies from the University of Oregon. After she graduated from University of Oregon in 2011, she went on to accept a position with the Fund for the Public Interest as a Citizen Outreach Director where she was responsible for recruiting, training, and managing a team of campaign staff on behalf of several progressive groups. During her time with The Fund, she worked on many different national and local campaigns for various nonprofit advocacy organizations such as OSPIRG, Environment Oregon, and the Human Rights Campaign. Within the two years she worked for the Fund, her team raised over $400,000, educated tens of thousands of Oregonians, and recruited 10,000+ members for these organizations. She was personally responsible for raising over $40,000 on behalf of OSPIRG, Environment Oregon, and the Human Rights Campaign. In 2012 she took a leave of absence from the Fund to run a campaign office in Fort Collins, CO on behalf of Colorado Fair Share to re-elect President Obama. She began her Master’s program in 2013 at Portland State University and began focusing on local government and local issues. During her Master’s she worked as a policy/financial analyst for various local municipalities on land use projects. She completed her Master’s program in 2016 and currently works as a Program Manager for a nonprofit organization that provides free financial literacy programs in the Pacific Northwest.