Jeff Sessions Confirmed As Attorney General

February 9, 2017 Alex Mohajer

Senator Jeff Sessions, previously denied a federal judgeship in the 1980s based on his dubious history and record on civil rights issues, was confirmed by the United State Senate yesterday. Sessions has been called a “racist,” a “bigot,” and “white [Read More]

Diane Feinstein The Race for 2018

The Race for 2018: Betsy DeVos Republicans

February 8, 2017 Alex Mohajer

The following GOP Senators voted yesterday to confirm Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education to Donald Trump’s administration. Those yes votes are followed by a list of GOP Senators to whom Betsy DeVos has made campaign finance contributions to. Make [Read More]

Action Alerts

Action Alert: Stop Sessions

January 26, 2017 Alex Mohajer

The American Civil Liberties Union has put out a call to action with an incredibly convenient contact tool for citizens concerned about Donald Trump’s nominee for Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, one of the most controversial of his cabinet picks. According [Read More]