Investigate Senator Rand Paul

Time to Investigate Senator Rand Paul For Ties to Russia

December 22, 2017 Alex Mohajer

Republican Senator Rand Paul publicly tweeted that high-profile members of the Obama Administration should be investigated for efforts to prevent an Donald Trump presidency. Aside from the fact that they are ludicrous allegations on their face, they shine a light on Rand Paul’s pro-Kremlin tactics and motives. [Read More]

Diane Feinstein The Race for 2018

The Race for 2018: Betsy DeVos Republicans

February 8, 2017 Alex Mohajer

The following GOP Senators voted yesterday to confirm Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education to Donald Trump’s administration. Those yes votes are followed by a list of GOP Senators to whom Betsy DeVos has made campaign finance contributions to. Make [Read More]