The Silent Revolution

October 18, 2016 Alex Mohajer

by Alex Mohajer As the final days of the election season unfold, and the core theme propagated by both traditional and social media seems to be the ongoing scorched-earth tactics of her crumbling opponent, something profound and riveting is silently [Read More]

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On the 10th Day of Hillary: Attend Local Events

October 10, 2016 Alex Mohajer

As Hillary might say, “Woo!” (Shimmy, shimmy, shimmy) Did everyone check out the debate last night? Donald Trump was unhinged, pacing maniacally, and looming over Hillary like an absolute predator. Whether this was intentional intimidation tactics or whether he is [Read More]

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Exclusive: World Premiere of “How To Hillp”

September 17, 2016 Alex Mohajer

Bros4Hillary is proud to present the exclusive world premiere of our sensational informational short film “How to Hillp: A Bro’s Guide To Electing Hillary Clinton President.”  As Election Day 2016 nears, director Paul Howard teams with B4H Producers Daniel Fusselman [Read More]