Bros Meet HIllary

The One Where the Bros Meet Hillary. F**king. Clinton.

December 6, 2017 B4ANewsRoom

Episode 4 of the Bros4America podcast has our Bros meet the one and only HIllary Clinton. They discuss the unforgettable encounter, and then go all in on the Trump Tax Scam, the failure to authorize CHIP, and Fox News gets it hard. The Bros4America podcast airs every Wednesday at 12:00pm noon. [Read More]

Bros4America HQ

Special Announcement

December 31, 2016 Nelson Melegrito

Where do we go from here? This isn’t where we intended to be We had it all You believed in me, I believed in you. Certainties disappear What do we do for our dream to survive? How do we keep, [Read More]

Bros4America HQ

What Happens Now?

November 9, 2016 Alex Mohajer

To our dear members, followers, subscribers: This is not the result we wanted. I know that many of you are mourning today, trying your best to make sense of this outcome, one that we fought so hard to ensure would [Read More]

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Who run the world? (Hint: Girls)

November 7, 2016 Daniel Fusselman

With only one day left and on the eve of likely the biggest election in American history, we wanted to take a moment at Bros4Hillary to be reflective and grateful. And in reflecting on our track record of success, how [Read More]