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BREAKING: Stein raises $4.5m; Petition seeking addition of NC, AZ, & FL to recount gains 1,000 supporters in 24 hours



As of 8:05 p.m. PST on Thursday evening, it was a very happy Thanksgiving for Clinton supporters hoping for an election recount, as Dr. Jill Stein’s Nation Builder fundraising page indicated that she had raised her next fundraising goal of $4.5 million to seek recounts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. Stein says that she is seeking a total of $6-7 million, and that while the filing costs for the recounts has been covered, that additional fees and legal fees must still be accounted for.

On Wednesday, sparked by news that Green Party candidate Jill Stein had raised $2.5 million in less than one day to formally seek recount challenges in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, an online petition sponsored by Bros4Hillary emerged late Wednesday asking that Stein also seek recounts in North Carolina, Arizona, and Florida.

By 6:00 p.m. PST, the petition had gained over a thousand signatures. In an update, Bros4Hillary political director Alex Mohajer addressed growing concern among Clinton supporters that Stein does not intend to seek the recounts. He said:

What I want our members, Democrats, and Clinton supporters to understand is that Jill Stein is providing us our only real chance to get a recount. As a candidate, she is in the rare and unique position of being able to request a recount in some states even when the state’s own election laws do not automatically trigger a recount.

…Neither the Democratic Party nor Mrs. Clinton can challenge the outcome and pull it off without an impression of severe conflict of interest and of course, if the recount were to produce a favorable result, Clinton would be accused of corruption and interventionism for the rest of her life.

Therefore, Stein is able to give voice to an entire faction of people who until two days ago had been rendered helpless. This is our only real shot. A lot of us are angry with this election. A lot of us are angry at Stein. But whether people want to see it or not, Stein is a bit of a hero in all of this. She has proven herself to be a lot of things while in the public eye. A flat out liar or an opportunist does not seem to be one of them.

We are going to raise the funds and we are going to get a recount of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, folks. That is not where your skepticism should lie. Instead I would be skeptical that those recounts will actually render any results that we can find useful.

So let’s not leave any rock unturned. Let’s not stop at WI, PA, and MI. Let’s ask Dr. Stein continue on after these states and seek recounts in NC, AZ, and FL (we realize a candidate cannot seek a recount in Florida, but we are calling on Stein to use her platform to call on the Republican Secretary of State in Florida to initiate this process.)

Nelson Melegrito is the founder of Bros4Hillary. You may contact him directly at

Nelson Melegrito is the original Founder of Bros4Hillary, from which Bros4America was born. He sits on the Executive Board of Bros4America. He is a non-profit professional who founded his own company, DIVA, dedicated to diversity in artistry and casting. Melegrito is a proud leader in the Filipino-American community and currently works in social media.