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Shannon Watts Is Not a Regular Mom, She’s a Cool Mom

The founder of Moms Demand Action joins the bros to discuss National Gun Violence Awareness Day on June 1st and how to stop the epidemic of gun violence in America.

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Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense Now founder Shannon Watts
Moms Demand Action founder Shannon Watts spoke with the Bros4America Podcast to discuss National Gun Violence Awareness Day on June 1st. Photo via Shriver Media.

How a Stay-at-Home Mom Turned Into A National Figurehead in the Fight To Take Down the NRA

On December 14, 2012, Shannon Watts woke up like on any other day a stay-at-home mom, going about her normal morning routine as a mother of five children. She had no idea that by day’s end, she would have planted a seed that would turn into a national movement to end senseless gun tragedies in America. You see, Shannon Watts is not a regular mom. She’s a cool mom.

Of course, the fateful day in 2012 that changed Watts’ life forever was the the day that 20 children between the ages of six and seven-years-old, and seven adults, were killed at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut. The shooting sparked a national outcry that produced the same tired platitudes and offerings of thoughts and prayers that have become cliche amongst politicians in America. But at the grassroots level, change was brewing and a movement had begun. At the helm of that movement…Shannon Watts.

Watts spoke to the Bros4America Podcast about the impetus for founding Moms Demand Action, a non-profit grassroots advocacy organization fighting for gun sense in America. It has become one of the leading grassroots movements in America and one of the most biggest in American history. It has a 90% success rate with killing bad NRA bills. It is a thorn in the sides of previous Bros4America #ShitholeoftheWeek honorees Wayne LaPierre and Dana Loetsch, who have attacked and needled and stalked Watts endlessly and personally.

The GOP Has Got To Go

And still, with a political system gripped by the influence of the National Rifle Association, and a ruling political party that makes up the top 50 NRA donees, little has been done to ensure that tragedies like Sandy Hook do not happen again. Indeed, five years have passed since the tragedy at Sandy Hook provoked tears from then-president Barack Obama, and Congress has failed to enact any meaningful gun control legislation.

In fact, one of Donald Trump’s first orders of business was to repeal one of the Obama-era executive actions that prevented the mentally ill from obtaining firearms.

“Totally unsurprising,” Watts told the Bros4America Podcast, before quipping “for a president who accepted 30 million dollars from the NRA.”

It is true that the level of spending by NRA was unprecedented during the 2016 election cycle, giving an astronomical 50 million dollars to mostly GOP candidates and causes, and most of which was dark unaccountable money allowed to bleed into our system.

And we now know, that money may have come from Russia. 

The Kids Of Parkland High School Are Spearheading a National Movement to Take Down The NRA. Behind Every Great Kid Is A Great Mom.

Recent shootings at Parkland High School in Florida have sparked the March for our Lives movement and an entire generation of new activists have been thrust into the limelight. But groups like Moms Demand Action and women like Shannon Watts helped pave the way for them, and when the NRA’s influence in American politics finally succumbs to the will of the people, we will have her–and them– to thank.

But What Can We Do Now?

Watts has some suggestions for every day Americans roiled by Sandy Hook and the recent shootings in Parkland High School .

  1. Text the word ACT to 64433 to immediately be connected to a Moms Demand Action chapter near you and get off the sidelines and fighting in your state houses and members of Congress in your area.
  2. Wear Orange on June 1st, 2018 for National Gun Violence Awareness Day. Find out more at or
  3. Register to Vote. Text FIGHT to 64433. Or just goto
  4. Do your research. Do your representatives have an A-rating from the NRA? If so, they oppose background checks and they support arming domestic abusers. Not OK.

Because Shannon Watts is not a regular mom. She’s a cool mom. She’s a mom demanding action. And the Bros4America love her for it.

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