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She Tried To Tell Us

Donald Trump is Putin’s Puppet!

Bros4America Originals present an all-new episode of “She Tried To Tell Us,” featuring Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in this startling reminder that Donald Trump is Russian President Vladimir Putin’s puppet!



Putin's Puppet

Welcome back to “She Tried To Tell Us” featuring your host Hillary Rodham Clinton! On this episode: Donald Trump is Putin’s puppet!

In this week’s episode, former Secretary of State and Democratic nominee for President of the United States Hillary Clinton has a got few words regarding Russian President Vladimir Putin and his puppet, Donald J. Trump: “Putin’s puppet!”

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“She Tried To Tell Us” documents the many moments throughout the career and public life of Hillary Clinton and her seemingly prescient foreshadowing into life in Trump’s America.

She Tried To Tell Us! is produced and created by Alex Mohajer, with the voice of Hillary Clinton provided by voice-over artist Michelle Chase, music by placeboing, and special thanks to Kiran Kaur and Slate!

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