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Bros in the Media

Alex Mohajer Named One of Out Magazine’s 100 Most Eligible Bachelors 2017

Bros4America Co-Founder and controversial political commentator Alex Mohajer, most known for criticisms of the 2016 presidential election, shows he is on the rise (and single AF) as one OUT’s 100 Most Eligible Bachelors.

Bros in the Media

Bros4America Co-Founder Alex Mohajer on AfterBuzz TV’s “Political Culture”

Bros4America Co-Founder and Huffington Post Political Writer and Commentator Alex Mohajer was the guest on AfterBuzz TV’s weekly politics and current events talk shot “Political Culture.” Alex joined the panel to discuss everything from Trump’s inauguration, to Obama’s final days, to Hillary Clinton as the “legitimate president,” to whether Bernie Sanders should be invited to join Democratic Party leadership. Check out the entire conversation below:

Bros in the Media

Alex Mohajer Discusses Explosive Tucker Carlson Interview and Trump’s Legitimacy On David Pakman Show

[vc_row][vc_column css_animation=”none”][vc_column_text]Following his explosive interview with Tucker Carlson on FOX News, Bros4America Co-Founder Alex Mohajer joined host David Pakman on “The David Pakman Show” to discuss his now-infamous exchange with Carlson, as well as his controversial Huffington Post article that landed him there to begin with. “The Legitimate President,” which was shared hundreds of thousands of times on Huffington Post has officially put him on the Alt-Right’s hit list. This must-watch interview helps clears the…

Bros in the Media

Front Page of HuffPost Politics: #AddHerName

Bros4America Co-Founder and Huffington Post Political Writer and Commentator Alex Mohajer has a piece that appeared on the front page of the Politics section of The Huffington Post, called “Exclusion of Hillary Clinton From List Of Women’s March Honorees Is Shameful.”   You can read the article here. You can tweet Alex @alexmohajer or via his official Facebook.    

Bros in the Media

OUTFOXED: Political Commentator Alex Mohajer Turns Tables on Tucker Carlson and Embarasses Him

It’s a rare sight, but Political Writer and Commentator and Bros4America Co-Founder Alex Mohajer managed to wipe the grin off FOX News Host Tucker Carlson’s face in 3 seconds flat during their live interview on Wednesday. Live with Carlson to discuss his Huffington Post piece “The Legitimate President.” When Carlson tried to pull a fast one on Mohajer and serve his token “gotcha” moment, Mohajer wouldn’t have any of it. He flipped the tables and…

Bros in the Media

Bros4America’s Alex Mohajer Interviewed For Washington Post

Bros4America’s very own Alex Mohajer was interviewed for a piece published in the January 10, 2017 edition of The Washington Post entitled “Men Slow To Show Support For Women’s March” regarding male support for female causes, particularly the Women’s March on Inauguration Day. The piece, was written by Michael Chandler specifically about Bros4Hillary and their role in representing men who are enthusiastic about Clinton. Prior to founding Bros4America in December 2016, Mohajer served as the Political…

Bros in the Media

Bros4America Co-Founder Alex Mohajer Interviewed for ‘CityWatch’ On New York Public Radio

Huffington Post Political Commentator and Bros4America co-founder Alex Mohajer appeared on New York City’s popular WBAI 95.5 fm radio station on Saturday. Mohajer was invited to appear on “City Watch,” a political talk radio show, to discuss his Huffington Post Article “Why Hillary Lost: The Great American Lie.” Alex joins in the conversation around the 24:00 minute mark. You can listen to the entire interview on the City Watch website, or right here at Bros4America,…

Bros in the Media

Political Commentator Alex Mohajer to Fox News: Impeach Trump

Political writer and commentator Alex Mohajer, a Huffington Post contributor and co-founder of Bros4America, appeared on Watters World on FOX News Channel on Saturday evening to discuss his Huffington Post article “Congress Must Impeach Trump on Day One.” Host Jesse Watters and his conservative guest were unpleasant hosts, quick to interrupt Mohajer and mock him for using words outside of their vocabulary, talk over him, and attempting to paint him as a looney fringe type despite…

Bros in the Media

Front Page of HuffPost Politics: Our Open Letter to America

Our very own Political Director of Bros4Hillary, Co-Founder of Bros4America, and a Political Writer and Commentator for the Huffington Post, Alex Mohajer, wrote an Open Letter to America for Bros4Hillary that has been picked up by The Huffington Post! You can read it and share it here: The Electoral College Must Make Hillary Clinton President There are only 5 days left until members of the Electoral College cast their votes for President on December 19,…

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The New York TimesThe Los Angeles TimesThe Huffington PostThe WrapThe Once OverThe Daily BeastTowleroadInstinct MagazineOUT Magazine, Elite Daily, and by famed columnist Dan Savage, among others.

LGBTQ Nation honored Bros4Hillary by naming us one of the Top 8 people or groups working to elect Hillary Clinton!

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Bros4Hillary Executive Board members have been guests and interviewed on the popular The Ann Walker Show podcast on UBNRadio and even appeared as co-hosts on more than one occasion.

Multiple times in fact. Check out the latest:


Our executive board members Alex Mohajer and Daniel Fusselman have written and produced Mean Bros and How to Hillp, short films promoting Hillary Clinton and volunteer efforts for her campaign.


Our stuff was tweeted by Bill Clinton and Madonna, bro. Plus we frequently enjoyed love from Hillary for America.

President Bill Clinton tweeted out our “Do You Even Vote Bro” slogan!

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Instagram shout out from Madge.

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