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On the 10th Day of Hillary: Attend Local Events

Alex Mohajer



A14643178_10209544123053294_631391809_ns Hillary might say, “Woo!” (Shimmy, shimmy, shimmy)

Did everyone check out the debate last night? Donald Trump was unhinged, pacing maniacally, and looming over Hillary like an absolute predator. Whether this was intentional intimidation tactics or whether he is just coming apart at the seams, it was disgusting to watch. And his tactic of attacking her with lies, threats of jails, and by using her husband’s past indiscretions was a travesty. Hillary Clinton, having worked her whole life towards this moment of being given the honor of standing on the debate stage seeking the highest land in the office as the first woman nominated to a major nominee for president, facing this trashy display.

As we enter the final thirty days of the campaign, the #12DaysofHillary are coming to a close. And on the #10thDayofHillary, show that you are with her by attending a local event. Finding events is easy. Just go to and right on the home page, you can enter your zip code and find tons of local events happening right by you.

Today and tomorrow, October 10th and 11th, are the FINAL DAYS TO REGISTER in a slew of states. Please go to

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Stay tuned for The Eleventh Day of Hillary, tomorrow!

Alex Mohajer is the Political Director of Bros4Hillary. You may reach him directly here. The #12DaysofHillary memes were designed by Bros4Hillary Social Media Outreach Team Leader, Priscilla Wagner. You may reach her on twitter @_CillaW


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