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On the 11th Day of Hillary: REGISTER! Then Host an Event!

Alex Mohajer



  Today is the final day to register to vote in a handful of states! It is imperative that we get a high turn out in this election to ensure a Hillary Clinton victory. As we, and the Associated Press, have pointed out, this election will be WON IN OCTOBER because of voter registration and early voter turnout particularly in swing states. So please, go to now to register OR check your registration status!

And then, on the #11thDayofHillary, host a local event! You can check out local events or sign up to host your own by going to Right on the front page you can enter in your zip code for a list of local events or schedule your own. 

What kind of events? Well the most helpful right now would be a phonebanking party! Did you know you can make calls as a member of the Official Bros4Hillary Call Team? Your calls can count towards our total. Just use this link to log into the Hillary for America Call Tool and all the info you need will be right there. 

Spread the word! Share this article with your friends, and tweet #12DaysofHillary #11thDayofHillary #StrongerTogether #ImWithHer and/or #Bros4Hillary.

Stay tuned for The Twelfth and Final Day of Hillary, tomorrow!

Alex Mohajer is the Political Director of Bros4Hillary. You may reach him directly here. The #12DaysofHillary memes were designed by Bros4Hillary Social Media Outreach Team Leader, Priscilla Wagner. You may reach her on twitter @_CillaW