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Not Ossoff Fast! Archie Parnell Is Running for Congress too!

Alex Mohajer



Lest we forget Archie Parnell. The Democrat running for Congress out of South Carolina has some extremely charming campaign ads running. How did we not realize how much we love this guy till the night before the Special Election?

It seems that Jon Ossoff is receiving a great deal of much-deserved media fanfare for his attempt to flip a traditionally red House of Representatives seat out of Georgia’s sixth congressional district into a blue one, a journey that will culminate in Tuesday’s special election.  Some are even speculating that the congressional race will serve as a referendum on Trump and offer a preview of things to come in the midterm elections come November 2018.  But the Ossoff race is not the only 2017 special election, nor is it the only one that will have meaningful consequences. Meet Archie Parnell, the Democratic congressional candidate who is also vying for Congress in a southern, GOP-controlled state that has seen a vacancy by a Trump appointee.

Indeed, Tuesday June 20th is Special Election Day for Jon Ossoff in Georgia’s 6th congressional district, AND for Archie Parnell in South Carolina’s 6th congressional district. Archie Parnell is the Democratic candidate running to fill the seat left vacant by Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney. He won a primary contest against Bros4America supported candidate Alexis Frank earlier this year, and is a solid Democrat with traditional values. As the Daily Beast pointed out, he is running in the same district as the fictional character Frank Underwood from the hit Netflix drama House of Cards.

And of course, there is this brilliant spoof campaign ad which should earn him the seat by default:

But if people start turning up dead and you somehow have risen to the presidency, Archie, we’re gonna start asking questions.

You can learn more about Archie at his official campaign website. And if you live in South Carolina’s 5th Congressional District, let’s flip this seat blue tomorrow, Tuesday June 20!



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