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New Hampshire Democrat Scores First Official Victory for the Resistance

Alex Mohajer



New Hampshire Democrat Edith Desmarais

Democrat Edie Desmarais scored the first official victory for the “resistance” movement tonight in a down-ticket race in New Hampshire. Desmarais is the first Democrat ever to be elected to the state House of Representatives from her district in Wolfeboro. She also boasts the accomplishment of having flipped a state House seat that went to Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, notably only 6 months ago, by a substantial margin of 51-44.

The win serves as the first official down-ticket victory for the “resistance” movement, a term collectively used to represent citizens who are fighting back against what they feel is a troubling outcome to the 2016 presidential election. With the goal of flipping the legislature on the state and federal levels to more progressive and Democratic candidates, the victory is a welcome one. While some high profile special election races have had close calls, and notable races for the U.S. House of Representatives are still forthcoming (on June 20th for Jon Ossoff in Georgia and tomorrow for Rob Quist in Montana)

Desmarais is the retired former Executive Director of Wolfeboro Area Childen’s Center, where she served for 24 years and has an impressive CV demonstrating active participation in the civics process for many years. Learn more about Edie here.

For more about the resistance and how you can support down-ticket candidates in our effort to flip the country blue in 2018, please visit The Races.



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