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Bros on the Ground: Live from Wisconsin Recount

Alex Mohajer



15219532_1248735528521626_6662547744350734084_nBros4Hillary is live and on the ground in Jefferson County, Wisconsin, where recount efforts are underway. Our political researcher Katharine Rose is reporting live from the scene. She has volunteered to assist with recount efforts of the 2016 presidential election, and has descended upon Jefferson County, which was won by Trump in the first tabulation of votes.

Rose is reporting that thus far in her county, the recount is showing that absentee ballots weighed heavily in favor of Clinton at a rate of around 7:1. It is unclear whether these were counted correctly during the original count. Says Rose:

“As I’m typing this 2 ballots were pulled out of the Trump pile and placed in [Clinton’s] because they are for her. That doesn’t mean they weren’t counted correctly to begin with.”:

She adds, “a couple absentee ballots cast for Bernie Sanders.”15220147_1248984745163371_7979784704286217210_n

Rose notes that observers are entitled to photographs and videos so long as they do not touch ballots. She is also reporting that there is a lot of buzz
about the problems currently developing with the recount in Waukesha County. “[Waukesha] is where the REAL problems are. They paid people to sit around all day yesterday and do nothing. The County decided not to count ballots. Legal arguments ensued. Without Waukesha we have no hope.”

15267590_1248985018496677_1205196026675235382_nWaukesha County is heavily influenced by Republican Governor Scott Walker political allies, according to Rose. If you are interested in volunteering, Help is still needed in these counties.

Katharine Rose is a political researcher for Bros4Hillary. You may contact her at Alex Mohajer is the political director of Bros4Hillary and the editor-in-chief of BrosBlog. You may contact him at or tweet him @alexmohajer