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For Immediate Release: Pro-Hillary Clinton advocacy group Bros4Hillary announces massive ’12 Days of Hillary’ voter outreach campaign



img_0548.jpgLOS ANGELES, Calif. – The pro-Hillary Clinton volunteer and advocacy organization Bros4Hillary announced Thursday its “12 Days of Hillary” campaign: a comprehensive voter outreach effort to register new voters in closely contested battleground states and increase overall voter participation before the November presidential election.

The 12-day campaign begins October 1 with daily posts across various social media platforms educating voters on ways to get involved, like how to phone bank. In anticipation of the campaign, Bros4Hillary has been advocating new voter registration and educating potential voters on registration deadlines in targeted battleground states.

A Bros4Hillary meme reaching out to Michigan voters to encourage registration.

“Obviously, voter turnout is crucial in every state,” said Bros4Hillary Political Director Alex Mohajer. “But what we have seen is that we will need definitive wins in traditional swing states in order to ensure an electoral victory. So we are targeting those specific states with a social media blitz. We think it’s important to say, ‘Hey Michiganders, we need you specifically to register and get to the polls.”

The organization has over 25,000 followers and members across several social media platforms, and knows they have the potential to reach an exponentially larger audience by making their content “go viral.”

“With so many people watching this very controversial election, consumption of social media feels like it is at an all time high,” said Director of Social Media Outreach, Daniel Fusselman. “People are using Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to get their news, share their opinions, and vent their outrage. People are sharing our content.”

Fusselman and Mohajer have been working with the group’s social media outreach team, comprised of members with an expansive social media audience and a demonstrated ability to reach and engage them, to strategize and develop viral-worthy content and maximize support for Clinton.

“Time and time again our members have risen to the challenge. They had an outsized impact during the primary. Our members’ energy and dedication is what makes this group so special.” Fusselman said.

Mohajer added, “Bros4Hillary’s wide and diverse membership will again be making a large difference on the social media conversation and ultimately in polls and votes.”

Priscilla Wagner, a member of the group’s social media outreach team, agrees. “When our members get excited about things, big things happen,” Wagner said.

“These folks are all volunteers. But they are pros. And they have been working so hard,” Fusselman said. “Some of them have their own vast social media networks and hundreds of thousands of followers at their disposal. It’s really invaluable.”

More information about Bros4Hillary can be found at Further questions or requests for comment may be directed to Alex Mohajer

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