Explosive 1994 Footage of Maxine Waters Refusing To Be Silenced By Male Colleagues


Maxine Waters
Congresswoman Maxine Waters pictured in an explosive kerfuffle with Republican male colleagues from the floor of the US House of Representatives. Circa July 29, 1994. Screenshot courtesy of CSPAN.

Maxine Waters is a bad ass. And she has been for AT LEAST two decades.

“The day is over when men can badger and intimidate women, marginalize them, and keep them from speaking. We are NOW in this House. We are members in this House. We will not allow men to intimidate us and to keep us from participating.”

A defiant Maxine Waters was fighting on the front lines of the Women’s movement as early as this rare, unearthed 1994 clip, decades before she infamously “reclaimed her time” in a 2017 Congressional hearing. in this explosive clip featuring a verbal altercation between Waters and a (white male) colleague that ends up with several men in the House chambers calling for the Sergeant at Arm to “bring her to her feet” and to physically remove her from the building.

Merely because she refused to be silent.

“Do you ever see men do this to other men?” Waters asks defiantly over a growing chorus of voices calling to adjourn the session before allowing her to speak, trying to intimidate her.

The kerfuffle began a day prior when Waters came to the defense of a young woman named Maggie Williams who was testifying before the Budget Committee in its investigation into Whitewater. After the chairman observed that Rep Peter King of New York had badgered Williams, Auntie Maxine FIERCELY
interjects to defend her, courageously speaking over Mr. King to inform him repeatedly that he was “out of order,” or in violation of parliamentary rules.

Even as King laid into her by telling her that nobody cares about her, and to just “sit there and shut up,” Waters defiantly continues to repeat, “You are out of order.”

You betta WORK.

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