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Explosive 1994 Footage of Maxine Waters Refusing To Be Silenced By Male Colleagues

A defiant Maxine Waters defiantly persisted above the protests of her male Republican colleagues in this rare, unearthed 1994 clip from the floor of the US House of Representatives, decades before she infamously “reclaimed her time” in a 2017 Congressional hearing with Steven Mnuchin.



Maxine Waters

“The day is over when men can badger and intimidate women, marginalize them, and keep them from speaking. [Women] are now in this House. We are members in this House. We will not allow men to intimidate us and to keep us from participating,” said a defiant Rep. Maxine Waters in a rare video from the floor of the U.S. House,¬†decades before she would infamously “reclaim her time” from Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin.

The 1994 clip features a verbal altercation between Waters and Rep. Peter King, and things escalate to the point where several men in the House chambers call for the Sergeant at Arms to “bring her to her feet,” or physically remove her from the building.

Merely because she refused to be silent.

“Do you ever see men do this to other men?” Waters asks defiantly over a growing chorus of voices calling to adjourn the session.


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