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The Blue Tsunami Has Begun

The Bros4America Podcast is back with its fifth episode, featuring panelists Alex Mohajer, Daniel Fusselman, and Thomas McAbee weighing in on projects ranging from Doug Jones’ stunning victory over Roy Moore in the special Senate election in Alabama, Al Franken’s ouster, and the curious case of Bernie Sanders and his political irrelevance to the upcoming 2018 blue tsunami.




Could it be that the blue tsunami has begun?

“We won! We beat the pedophile, racist, sexist, homophobic, islamophobic…and put a Democrat into the United States…in Alabama!”

Welcome to the fifth episode of the Bros4America podcast! In this episode, fresh off the heels of the stunning victory of Democrat Doug Jones in Alabama, an elated Bro panel of Alex Mohajer, Thomas McAbee, and Daniel Fusselman ruminate over their stunning victory over Republican Roy Moore in the special election for the United State Senate out of Alabama on Tuesday. Moore, who faced numerous allegations of sexual impropriety, including from minor children, lost a seat that was vacated by Jeff Sessions, one of the foremost conservative figures in the United States and in a state where Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in a 30 point landslide.

To thank? Women of color. The Bros salute women of color and offer them their bro of the month designation.

The Blue Tsunami Is Happening  With or Without You, Bernie

When the subject turns to Bernie Sanders, the Bros do not mince words. Not fans.

“[Democrats] don’t have a messaging problem, [they] have a party statesmen who trashes the Democratic party to elevate himself,” McAbee said.

“And [they] DO have a message,” Mohajer continued. “We saw it in the Alabama race with the [KiwiClickToTweet tweet=”You guys, the @Bros4America #podcast is so on the the #RightSideofHistory. ” quote=”#RightSideofHistory”] hashtag that went viral. We ARE on the right side of history. This is a Republican party that is infiltrated by Russians, that is a wholly owned subsidiary of the oil lobby and the NRA. We stand for every American. We ARE the populist party,” Mohajer continued.

“If Bernie Sanders were to run for the Democratic primary, there is no way I would vote for him. If he were to win the primary, I would BEGRUDGINGLY vote for him in the general, but I swear to God I would consider never voting again in American election after that. ”

The Bros point out the recent Democratic victories in New Jersey, Virginia, and Alabama and how those momentous victories were won without Bernie Sanders or his help, rendering him less influential than he or his supporters originally thought. In fact, it rendered him irrelevant.

Important Dates and Deadlines

Two major calls to action: Thursday Dec. 14, 2017 the FCC will vote on repealing Net Neutrality protections. Find out how to oppose this move here.

Friday December 15, 2017 is the final day to enroll in the Affordable Care Act. Visit to enroll!

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