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Enough. The Time to Politicize Gun Violence Is Now

The United States has a deep and systemic problem with gun violence. As we grapple yet again with another senseless tragedy, we must take active steps towards sensible, safety legislation.



Politicize Gun Violence



Sunday night, a gunman perched atop his vantage point from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas Nevada, opened fire on concert-goers across the street closing out a country music festival. At least 59 were killed, with over 500 injured. It was the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.

A shameful record that no one aspires to break. Or maybe this gentleman did. Surely he was deeply mentally ill. Someone of sound state of mind does not possess the radical lack of empathy required to shoot hundreds of people in one fell swoop.
And Whenever there’s a mass shooting, inevitably the tides of public discourse turn to how we can solve the problem, with people usually falling into ideological camps. There are people who want reasonable, sensible gun safety laws and legislation enacted, and then people that are so radically opposed to anything that a perceived “liberal” might think or feel or express, that they immediately take the opposing view because it is what we are trained to do.

That means conjuring up every forced possible apologist narrative and argumentative fallacy and false choice possible to avoid having to say it. We need to make it more difficult to get guns out of the hands of people that will do senseless harm to others. No one who wants to use a gun in a legal and productive way will mind. No one.

Yes this is a mental health crisis. And invariably, a participant in this debate will deflect and try to say “guns don’t shoot people, people do” and that that stricter gun laws won’t stop someone evil from doing evil, and that those people need mental mental healthcare.

We are calling bullshit. Tackling this crisis from a mental health standpoint is a fantastic idea. We can walk and chew gum at the same damn time. Yes, people kill people. But if they use guns to do it, and they are on a terror watch list, or have a history of violence, or a mental health illness that has rendered them of incapable of handling their own finances….why would we hand them the murder weapon with a wink and a smile?

The NRA donated $36.6 million to Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign season. It is no surprise that he projected during his speech in Las Vegas that he won’t take any meaningful action towards gun safety legislation. In February he signed into law a bill that essentially repealed an Obama-era restriction that prevented mentally ill people from buying gun.

It’s a small step in a problem that requires a series of much bigger steps. But pooh-poohing that first, smallest of steps is what has allowed this problem to fester and grow out of control. Enough is enough. People are dead. And Now is the time to politicize it.

The Bros4America Executive Board mourns the loss of life in Las Vegas and stands ready to help in anyway possible.

In 2016, Daniel Fusselman served Social Media Director of Bros4Hillary. He is the Marketing Manager at Anderson Law. He earned a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from Boise State University. Prior to attending Boise State, he spent two years serving the Hispanic community in Los Angeles for a religious organization. At Boise State he was the Senator representing the College of Business & Economics and helped to pass a new Constitution for the Associated Student Body. He served on the Dean’s Advisory Board for the College of Business & Economics. Since graduating he has a worked for a San Francisco area tech startup and in the legal field. He has also advocated to strengthen laws that protect Idaho children.