Senator Jeff Flake

Jeff Flake Compares Trump to Stalin and Assad

January 17, 2018 Alex Mohajer

In comments made before the United States Senate, retiring Republican Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona referred to Donald Trump’s assault on the news media as “shameful” and “repulsive,” comparing him to Soviet dictator Josef Stalin and Syrian dictator General Bashir al-Assad. [Read More]


Fire and Fury and F-Bombs!

January 7, 2018 B4ANewsRoom

On this week’s episode of the Bro4America podcast, the first of the new year and the first time since its inception, the Bros4America podcast must preface an episode with a disclaimer and its very first ‘E’ designation for explicit language. [Read More]


You Got Stein-ed!

December 23, 2017 B4ANewsRoom

On this all new episode of the The Bros4America Podcast, the Bros wonder why it took so long for people to catch on to former Green Party candidate for President of the United States Dr. Jill Stein amidst news that she has become a subject of interest in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Russian interference with the 2016 presidential election. Other topics this week? The efforts to fire Mr. Mueller and the GOP Tax Scam! [Read More]

Investigate Senator Rand Paul

Time to Investigate Senator Rand Paul For Ties to Russia

December 22, 2017 Alex Mohajer

Republican Senator Rand Paul publicly tweeted that high-profile members of the Obama Administration should be investigated for efforts to prevent an Donald Trump presidency. Aside from the fact that they are ludicrous allegations on their face, they shine a light on Rand Paul’s pro-Kremlin tactics and motives. [Read More]