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Bro of the Week: Bobby



13054360_10101517332281227_1802830971_oBobby Hall, where do I start with Bobby Hall.

Bobby Hall is the Bros4Hillary Social Media Outreach Team Leader. Bobby has been boldly fighting for Hillary on social media before it became cool. His active advocacy for Hillary landed him on the notorious BernieBros hit list. In response, he helped to expose the hit list and became an early organizer for the hashtag EndCyBernBullying. This helped the hashtag to trend on Twitter. This had such an effect that it got it covered by Blue Nation Review.

His efforts even got him re-tweeted by actress Debra Messing.

During the Manhattan Democratic Debate, Bobby Hall led Bros4Hillary’s Twitter outreach, Tweeting the debate memes created by our designers in real time. Those efforts, in concert with other members of our social media outreach team, got over 400,000 impressions for our memes. This further helped elevate our status and grow our group. Bobby also hosted a Happy Hour for Hillary at a wine bar. Despite facing vitriolic BernieBros online, Bobby has maintained a positive attitude, always choosing to focus on the message of love and kindness.

When asked why he supported Hillary for president Bobby replied

“I’ve been a life-long advocate for Hillary because I admire what she has accomplished for expanding children’s access to healthcare, particularly for low income families and single mothers. I understand the impact of Hillary’s commitment to create progressive change for the better. For me, it is personal. As a child of a single mother at the time, I had a life expectancy of 16 years. When I wrote to her campaign to learn about her platform, she demonstrated that she still cares about mental health and healthcare even to this day. Because I know she has my back, I am willing to do my part to have hers.”

For all of his stellar contributions to our group, Bobby Hall is our Bro of the Week.

Daniel Fusselman is the Director of Member Engagement at Bros4Hillary.