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Bro of the Week: Alicia

Alex Mohajer



13233140_10101543707075927_3559578970935402927_n-1Congratulations to this week’s Bro of the Week, the one and only Alicia Tucker! Alicia was a no-brainer because of her tireless volunteer work in support of Hillary Clinton. In fact, she is one of those notorious “Super Volunteers,” a campaign volunteer whose service has gone so beyond expectations she is in a class all unto her own.

Alicia also somehow manages to be a full time student at Nevada State, finishing her BSN. However, when Hillary Clinton announced her run on Sunday, April 12, 2015, she immediately signed up on the website to volunteer.

Her efforts have included: attending numerous rallies, regular phonebanking, regular canvassing, creating door hangers and literature, recruiting volunteers, and registering voters. Perhaps more impressive is she served as a Precinct Captain in Nevada’s Caucus and has the distinction of earning positions as a County Delegate, State Delegate, and most recently a National Delegate.

Perhaps most fascinating is that Alicia was in attendance at the now-infamous Nevada State Convention as a rally captain. She witnessed firsthand the acts of violence by the hands of Sanders supporters, and did everything she could to keep her section of 300+ supporters safe. During the convention she took to the floor and spoke in front of 5,000 people to uphold the rules set in place and hold the Sanders camp accountable for their behavior. Later that evening when the Sanders team escalated to further violence by rushing the stage and threatening DNC Chairwoman Roberta Lange’s life, she helped to evacuate Hillary Supporters from the room to ensure their safety.

Alicia is more than a Super Volunteer, she is a hero! That is why we are proud to name her our Bro of the Week.

Congratulations, Alicia!


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