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BREAKING: Hillary Clinton’s Popular Vote Lead Explodes Past 2 Million

Alex Mohajer



Hillary Clinton’s popular vote lead has exploded to an unprecedented 2 million. She is on course to exceed Barack Obama’s voter total in 2012 and may earn more votes than any other presidential nominee in history. Ever. Cook’s Political Report is reporting the new numbers.

There are still over 5 million ballots left to be counted.

The news comes as New York Magazine is reporting on a groundswell of activist support for a real challenge to the election results.  This is no longer a fringe movement. CNN and The Guardian are reporting on the NY Magazine piece.

Bros4Hillary has been on the forefront of an effort to audit the vote, and to provide a recount amidst data that shows voter turnout and polling are discrepant with the the tallied votes outside of the statistical margin of errors. We have also asked members of the Electoral College to denounce Trump and vote for Clinton on December 19th when they congregate to formally cast their votes. We first posted our Open Letter to the American People on November 14th.

Alex Mohajer is the political director of Bros4Hillary and the editor-in-chief of BrosBlog. You may contact him directly at or via twitter @alexmohajer.


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