The Curious Case of Rosneft

January 30, 2017 Daniel Fusselman

Last week, while Americans pored into the streets expressing their outrage over Donald Trump’s immigration ban that seeks to prohibit entry into the United States by Syrian refugees and muslims from seven Muslim countries linked to terror, some troubling global [Read More]

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Who run the world? (Hint: Girls)

November 7, 2016 Daniel Fusselman

With only one day left and on the eve of likely the biggest election in American history, we wanted to take a moment at Bros4Hillary to be reflective and grateful. And in reflecting on our track record of success, how [Read More]

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Bro of the Week: Bobby

April 22, 2016 Daniel Fusselman

Bobby Hall, where do I start with Bobby Hall. Bobby Hall is the Bros4Hillary Social Media Outreach Team Leader. Bobby has been boldly fighting for Hillary on social media before it became cool. His active advocacy for Hillary landed him [Read More]