Quick Take: Donald Trump’s Apology

October 8, 2016 Alex Mohajer

Late last night, I posted my thoughts about Donald Trump’s inexcusable leaked comments. You can read them here. Just past midnight on the west coast, Trump released a video in which he purportedly “apologized,” by both claiming he never said [Read More]

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On the 4th Day of Hillary: Register to Vote

October 4, 2016 Alex Mohajer

On the #4thDayofHillary, in honor of our recent announcement that we are partnering with the Hillary Clinton campaign, we are asking y’all to REGISTER TO VOTE. Register, or check your registration status NOW at: www.iwillvote.com/bros4hillary You can use this link [Read More]

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On the Third Day of Hillary: Get Involved

October 3, 2016 Alex Mohajer

Happy Monday, Bros and Gals. The #12DaysofHillary are well underway, and Monday October 3 is officially the #3rdDayofHillary. On the Third Day of Hillary, GET INVOLVED! There are many ways you can become more of a participant in this election. If [Read More]