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Advocacy Group ‘Bros4Hillary’ Announces Partnership With Clinton Campaign



doyouevenvotebroBros4Hillary, a volunteer advocacy organization with over 29,000 members and followers across the country on various social media platforms, announced today it’s official partnership with Hillary for America, the campaign to elect Hillary Rodham Clinton to the White House in November’s presidential election.

According to the group’s executive board, they are now officially working with the campaign to implement a massive voter outreach effort across the United States which will see the group reaching out to it’s followers to make phone calls and register voters. The effort is accompanied with a catchy slogan, “Do You Even Vote, Bro?”

The group has worked directly with the campaign to go live with their own IWillVote page, sponsored by the Democratic National Committee, with hopes that they can tap into the Bros4Hillary follower base to register new voters. Voters can now go directly to

“Beginning today, potential voters across the United States can register to vote or check their voter registration status on our own official IWillVote page,” said Bros4Hillary Political Director Alex Mohajer. According to Mohajer, the group has already been working hard to register new voters, particularly among swing states, with it’s “12DaysofHillary” campaign, which provides followers with daily informational tidbits on how to get involved in the campaign.

“We have a dedicated crew of volunteer designers and social media superstars we call the ‘Social Media Outreach Team,’ and they have been working hard to design and release daily memes,” said Bros4Hillary Director of Social Media Outreach Daniel Fusselman. The social media team is comprised of ordinary members with design skills, and many of these memes target specific swing states urging voters to register.

“Having our own landing page at IWillVote will be an infinitely helpful resource in that effort,” said Mohajer.

The Clinton Campaign will also now sponsor the “Official Bros4Hillary Call Team,” a group of phone-bankers who will come directly from the group but represent the Clinton campaign in making phone calls urging voter registration and turnout in the following weeks. “When our followers and users log in to the Hillary for America phone banking tool, they can start making calls as official members of Bros4Hillary,” Mohajer said.

“We already have many of our users phone-banking for Secretary Clinton,” added Fusselman. “To have the campaign acknowledge us by hosting us as an official leg of the campaign is fantastic but also just gives us a specific place to send our followers to get involved. It really concentrates our efforts.”

The group’s co-founders, Nelson Melegrito and Rance Collins, are surprised at the reach their group has had. “We started as Facebook group with just a few people,” Melegrito said. “To have it grow to have this kind of impact is surprising and an honor.”

“We are honored that the campaign reached out to us but also just to be of service. We are all in this to make sure she gets elected. We believe in her,” said Collins.

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