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Official Statement: Bros4America Will Always Be Bros4Hillary

Alex Mohajer



Some of the original Bros4Hillary at a primary viewing party. February 2016.

We were so thrilled to have such an overwhelmingly positive response to our rebrand. We were surprised that a few of you were upset or felt that this meant we were abandoning Hillary. I had a little laugh about it on retrospect. How could we ever abandon or forget Hillary? Indeed, the whole POINT is to have Hillary’s legacy, policies, and platforms continue on ad infinitum, and we hope to be that vessel. Hillary Clinton is still very much so the central focus and premise of our group and our organization.

Trust us, if you think it’s hard for you to see the name change, multiply that by 100 and that’s how we feel about it. We had dreams of our org carrying on through eight wonderful years of a Clinton administration, supporting her presidency. We never imagined or expected this would be the result. Our leadership team is very much so still in mourning. A couple of us were even in New York as invitees to Hillary’s election night party, and have been fighting for a moment that was stolen from us since 2008. This is really hard. And emotional. And if you think that the name change was abandoning Hillary you’re just mistaken, that’s all.

Hillary lives on in our slogan (“For Progress. For Justice. For Hillary.”) She lives on in our logo. She lives on in our mission statement. This is very much so about creating an inclusive and progressive America that was in line with Hillary’s vision. And to troll Donald Trump for every minute (we use minutes there because let’s be real he’ll be impeached shorty) he has in the White House. Her silhouette is in our logo because we want it to serve as a cloud over the Trump administration, a a nagging, constant reminder, that she is the People’s President.

“Bros” was always picked as a tongue-in-cheek response to the sexism, racism, and other ‘isms’ being used by Secretary Clinton’s opponents and detractors during the Democratic primaries. As the size and impact of our organization grew, we found the name preceded the rationale. Nevertheless, “BRO” stands for “be respectful of others.” We took the Bernie Bros movement and flipped it on it’s head, while making a statement: that Hillary’s  “bros” are all of us: male, female, gay, straight, black, white, latino, asian, transgender, old, young, rich, poor, educated and not, from every corner of the nation. We have a proud legacy of LGBT and female membership. And now, we will fight for Hillary’s vision of an inclusive, progressive America.

We hope you’ll stay with us, help us grow, and forever honor her and the Bros, and work with us to avenge the tragedy of 2016. We NEED you. To forever hold Trump accountable and correct the record when anyone tries to tell you that Hillary Clinton was not the candidate of a lifetime. Don’t let them control or rewrite the narrative. Bros4America will ALWAYS be Bros4Hillary. ALWAYS.

Always stronger together.

Alex Mohajer
Political Director, Bros4Hillary
Co-founder, Bros4America