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A New Battle Tactic



Bros4America contributor J.C. Lee is a screenwriter living in Los Angeles, CA.

You’ll notice the past few days have been a flurry of news. Trump has told lies to distract and divide. The Administration churns out executive actions and the Congress hides from the American people to avoid accountability.

This is what the next 4 years will be like and we have to keep our eyes on what counts. So in light of my continuing commitment to provide opportunities for positive change amidst the chaos, here’s a new battle tactic to add to the war chest.

Look up your nearest Republican representative. That might be your representative or it might be one in a neighboring district (I used to locate mine). You can also go to and enter nearby zip codes until you find one.

Go to their website and sign up for that representative’s newsletter. That way you’re in the know on how they plan to vote and when they’ll be in town.

Call one of their local district offices and ask them when the congressperson is planning to hold an in-district event to meet with constituents. If they tell you the congressperson doesn’t have an event scheduled, politely ask that they schedule one as soon as possible, that you feel like given the radical changes the Congress is planning on making, you feel it’s important the congressperson meet with constituents to hear their concerns.

Do this until you get a date / time for an event they’re planning on hosting. Rally your friends and neighbors to do the same. Apply pressure and make them schedule a visit.

Once you have that, call the local news media in the district. That could be the local news channel or the local paper or even a neighborhood blog. Let them know about the event and ask that they cover it.

Then get together as big a group as possible and SHOW UP.

This isn’t about making trouble or disruption. This is about accountability. It’s on us to hold the Republican Party (and any wobbly Democrats) to account. You may object to visiting a district that isn’t yours, but I object to gerrymandered districts that protect these folks from having to win over people they might disagree with, so STFU.

Have they expressed support for parts of Trump’s agenda you find troubling? Vocalize that. Have they avoided taking a position because they’re too worried how it’ll play? Demand that they articulate a position on the issues you care about. Will they promise to vote down any bill that raises premiums? Or strips anyone who currently has insurance of insurance? Will they vow to protect programs like Medicaid, Social Security and Medicare?

If folks in congress don’t feel the pressure from voters, they’ll do nothing to hold Trump accountable.

That pressure IS us.

Let’s do this shit.

Contributing writer J.C. Lee is an immense Hollywood talent, most notably a writer and producer of the hit ABC television drama, “How To Get Away With Murder.” He also served as a writer and co-producer on the groundbreaking gay drama “Looking” for HBO. J.C. resides in Los Angeles.