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16 Reasons Donald Trump Is Having The Best Week Ever



So let me see if I can sum up the past seven days for Republican nominee for President, Donald J. Trump.

1. Loses debate by double-digits in every scientific poll, even Breitbart and Fox News.

2. Doubles down on fat-shaming Alicia Machado.

3. Reignites Rosie O’Donnell feud.

4. Goes on 3:20am tweet meltdown over Machado, then says that shows his “alertness.”

5. Revealed to have had business dealings with Cuba during the embargo.

6. Brings up Bill Clinton’s affairs, in spite of his own infidelities, calls Hillary an “enabler.”

7. Suggests, baselessly, that Hillary had not been faithful to Bill.

8. Makes fun of Hillary’s pneumonia, complete with disrespectful imitation of her fall.

9. The New York Times publishes 1995 tax returns, discovering he lost almost a billion dollars that year and likely hasn’t paid federal taxes in decades.

10. The Trump Foundation is issued a cease-and-desist after it is discovered they had never been legally deemed a charity, and therefore did not have the right to take donations.

11. Trump used the Chinese for steel on his most recent building construction, instead of using American companies.

12. GOP Whitewater lead investigator endorses Hillary, taking a page from a stream of similarly partisan political figures, organizations and newspapers. It is noteworthy that no major newspapers have yet endorsed Trump.

13. Trump suggests that PTSD-stricken veterans are weak.

14. “The Apprentice” employees allege Trump sexually harassed them.

15. Trump’s organization apparently did business with an Iranian bank later linked to terrorist groups.

16. Trump is down in every poll that has been conducted in the last week, and he has not led in a swing state poll since the debate.

Rance Collins was one of the Co-Founders of Bros4Hillary and serves on the Executive Board of Bros4America as it's Senior Adviser. He is also a co-anchor for The BrosCast. He is an actor living in Los Angeles, CA.