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10 Reasons We Endorse Phil Murphy for NJ Governor



Phil Murphy

On Tuesday, November 7 2017, New Jersey voters will take to the polls to vote in a hotly contested gubernatorial race in their state, which will seek to replace outgoing Governor Chris Christie. Several key races are taking place for Democrats on around the country, and this is certainly one of them. The Republican was best known for his “Bridgegate” scandal and his failed bid for his party’s nomination to be president.

Democrat Phil Murphy has received our endorsement. Behold, our top ten reasons New Jersey voters ought to select Phil Murphy at the polls on Tuesday!

  1. He’s not Chris Christie.
  2. He’s a forward-thinking Democrat with strong values.
  3. He’s a progressive.
  4. A true member of the resistance, he’s got his sights set on Donald Trump’s agenda.
  5. He’s been endorsed by former presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, former vice presidents Al Gore and Joe Biden, and the rightfully-elected 45th President of the United States, Hillary Rodham Clinton.
  6. Democrats must begin winning more gubernatorial and state-based races. Building a coalition of Democratically controlled state-wide governments down-ticket helps us resist Trump policies (and Republican redistricting/voter suppression efforts) from the ground up.
  7. Did we mention Christie?
  8. Murphy’s Republican challenger offers the same tired GOP policies that harm voters and benefit the wealthy. Not to mention, she served as Lieutenant Governor to the immensely unpopular outgoing Governor Christie, whose Bridgegate scandal has mired his reputation and his approval ratings.
  9. Murphy seized upon the connection in a recent campaign ad in which he stood before the George Washington Bridge and says of Christie and Guadagno, “Their biggest triumph was a traffic jam.” Sick burn, bro.
  10. Now is a dire time in America. Our government is potentially in the hands of authoritarian fascists. We must opposed en masse as often and via every avenue possible.

Check out this awesome campaign ad and visit Phil Murphy on the web.


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